Deal & Cancel

  • All types of payments per itinerary was calculated using the currency of Indonesia (IDR) but also can be converted through, USD or EURO depending on the current exchange rate on the day of payment.
  • If you already agree with the price that is listed on our website, we will send you an invoice of 50% – 100% of the payment is made to ensure that you actually decide using hospitality of Trips Bali, the rest of the payment can be completed on arrival. And if your reservation is confirmed we transfer please deposit into our bank account (we will send you our bank account). After the transfer of the deposit please confirm us via email or via SMS. Note: We are very sorry not accept payment by credit card


We must receive an official cancellation by e-mail, which is made by people with E-mail addresses are the same to make a booking through our order form. In this case we apply some rules of cancellation charges as follows:
  • Cancellations received 30 days prior to arrival date: We will refund 50% of the amount of the deposit, plus an administration fee of 3%.
  • Cancellations received 15 days prior to arrival date: We will refund 30% of the deposit, plus a 3% administration fee and cancellation received 5 days prior to arrival date, will be no refund of the deposit.

Term & Condition

  • All kinds of payments per Itinerary are calculated using Indonesian currency (IDR) but also can converted fro, USD or EURO depending on the current exchange rate on the day of Payment.
  • If you are already agree with our Package Price, we will send you the invoice . 50 % – 100% of Payment is required to ensure that you are truly decided to Join with Us, the remaining of Payment will be settled on arrival. And if your booking is confirmed would you please transfer us the Deposit to our Bank account (we will send You Our Bank account). After Transfer the deposit would you please confirm us through Email or via SMS. note: We are very sorry to not receving paymant throug credit card.